Zaxcom TRX900AA with STA150 and QRX100Q Wireless Hop System

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Zaxcom TRX900AA Features

  • Fully encrypted audio transmission
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz receiver to receive timecode and remote control signals from ZaxNet and/or IFB100
  • Digital modulation wireless transmitter



Zaxcom TRX900AA Features

  • Fully encrypted audio transmission
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz receiver to receive timecode and remote control signals from ZaxNet and/or IFB100
  • Digital modulation wireless transmitter
  • Superb audio quality that rivals a mic cable
  • Digital drop-out protection
  • 6 to 8 hour run time on two AA batteries
  • Graphic LCD display
  • Integrated timecode reception
  • Small and lightweight
  • No inter-modulation - up to 50 transmitters, in the same frequency block, can be used together.

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Zaxcom STA150 Features

The ​Zaxcom STA150 allows ENG audio professionals to transform an existing single-channel Zaxcom TRX900 or TRX900AA wireless transmitter into a two-channel transmitter for an instant sound bag-to-camera link. With all connections mounted on the side of the unit, the ​Zaxcom STA150 is designed specifically for use in sound bags to provide instant, on-the-go ease of use.

The ​Zaxcom STA150 stereo adaptor provides a balanced stereo audio input that eliminates ground loop problems. With a dedicated timecode input, the adaptor enables an exact match of audio recorded on the TRX and audio/video recorded on-camera by synchronizing the timecode generator inside the TRX unit and supporting automated loading of audio onto the TRX’s CompactFlash® memory card. The ​Zaxcom STA150 interface also features an output that can be used either as an audio monitor for playback from the memory card or as a timecode output to jam other devices. The Zaxcom STA150 includes an external power input for connection to a 12-volt external power source.

Zaxcom QRX100Q Features

The ​Zaxcom QRX100 RF, audio and timecode receiver is a quantum leap in wireless transmission both to and from the video camera. It can receive up to four channels of 100% digital audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo transmitters to take full advantage of the four discreet audio channels available in most of today’s video cameras. With add-on features to suit your needs and budget, ​Zaxcom QRX100 provides unprecedented flexibility in a broadcast ENG receiver.

All transmissions are free from intermodulation that limits the amount of channels that can be used together in the same physical location. The ​Zaxcom QRX100 allows more channels to be used together than any other system. Up to 140 audio channels can fit in a 35Mhz frequency block utilizing Zaxcom stereo modulation and 500Khz transmitter spacing.

The ​Zaxcom QRX100 outputs audio in both analog and AES digital formats. Two AES outputs connect directly to most 4 channel broadcast cameras. AES input is typically the only way to utilize the 4-channel capability of many cameras on the market today.

Digital modulation keeps the signal interference-free from noise that would add distortion to an analog ENG system. It is housed in a lightweight industry standard package providing optimum compatibility and functionality for broadcasters and freelancers alike.

Any combination of Zaxcom TRX series mono or stereo transmitters can be used with the ​Zaxcom QRX100. The ​Zaxcom TRX9xx features include no inter-modulation, built-in backup recording on Flash memory (Pat. Pend) and an internal IFB audio receiver. Zaxcom’s true digital stereo transmission uses half the bandwidth of traditional analog solutions.

A single QRX100 mounted on the side of the camera is a complete solution for audio transmission to/from the camera, ​Zaxcom TRX900 bodypack remote control and timecode synchronization. Significant size, weight and power consumption reductions are to the camera operator’s benefit. To replicate the capability of one QRX100, up to 4 receivers, a time code generator and an IFB transmitter would need to be mounted on the camera.

The ​Zaxcom QRX100 offers performance and features superior to one and two-channel slot-in type receivers that are only available for a limited number of broadcast cameras. Slot-in receivers do not have sufficient intermodulation and interference rejection to allow them to be used in difficult RF environments. The ​Zaxcom QRX100 with its 500KHz minimum frequency spacing, total immunity to RF overload and digital dropout protection is the best choice for any environment.

The ​Zaxcom QRX100 quickly attaches to any broadcast camera with an industry standard mounting kit.The externally mountable design also allows the ​Zaxcom QRX100 to instantly connect any broadcast camera overcoming the compatibility issues of slot mounted receivers.