EM3532 SK50 SKM5000 Wireless Microphone System with Beltpack and Handheld Transmitters

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The Sennheiser EM 3532-U consists of two complete true diversity receiver with tunable receiving frequencies in the UHF range.



The Sennheiser EM 3532-U consists of two complete true diversity receiver with tunable receiving frequencies in the UHF range. Due to its high level of operational reliability, menu-assisted operation and excellent mechanical stability, this receiver is especially suitable for demanding theatre and broadcast applications.

Sennheiser EM-3532U Wireless Receiver Features

  • Remote-control and monitoring via S-MCD Mikroport computer display
  • Tunable receiving frequencies, PLL-controlled
  • Can store up to 32 different frequencies in memory
  • Menu-assisted operation
  • Scan function (transmitter search tuning)
  • "HiDyn plus" noise reduction system with 116 dB(A) ms signal-to-noise ratio
  • LC display for frequency/channel, field strength, deviation, transmitter battery status, booster supply, and stand-by
  • 19" 1 U metal housing with built-in mains power supply unit and DC socket
  • Integral antenna splitter

Sennheiser SK50 Wireless Transmitter Features

The Sennheiser SK50 is a miniature tunable body pack transmitters. The ​Sennheiser SK50, with 50mW output power, is suitable for use in multi-channel theater and studio applications. The SK 250 has a 250 mW output for long range applications such as electronic news gathering (ENG), sports events, or surveillance.

LEMO connectors are used to connect the microphone and antenna, screening out external interference. Uniquely-keyed pin configurations prevent inadvertent connection to the wrong terminal. A wide variety of audio input adapter cables and lavalier microphones, such as the MKE 2-4, are available. Frequency agility, ruggedness, reliability, along with Sennheiser's unsurpassed audio quality make this the perfect solution for touring performances, venues located in RF-saturated areas, or any application that requires maximum flexibility.

Sennheiser SKM5000 Wireless Transmitter Features

The ​Sennheiser SKM5000 handheld transmitter provides 16 selectable frequencies, making it ideal for any touring or broadcast application. The slender design with the ergonomically-placed, integrated antenna provides an unobtrusive appearance and ensures maximum transmission efficiency. Features include a five-stage audio sensitivity switch which allows sound pressure levels of up to 151dB and a bass roll-off switch for proximity effect compensation.

The standard ME 5005 supercardioid condenser microphone head has an extremely transparent sound and exhibits exceptional gain before feedback. Other heads are available, including condenser omni directional, cardioid, wide cardioid and dynamic supercardioid.