Lectrosonics UCR411A UM400A UH400A Beltpack and Plugon Wireless Microphone System

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Lectrosonics UCR411A Wireless Receiver Features



Lectrosonics UCR411A Wireless Receiver Features

The Lectrosonics UCR411 receiver provides professional performance and a versatile feature set in a compact design for field and location production. All settings are made from the front panel with a powerful LCD interface, making the unit ideal for use in Quad Paks, on sound carts, in portable bags and in rack mount multi-couplers. To alleviate interference problems in an increasingly congested RF spectrum, an RF spectrum analyzer is built into the receiver. The receiver tunes across its 25.6 MHz tuning range and records RF activity with markers on the LCD screen. Finding clear operating frequencies is a quick, simple process. The ​Lectrosonics UCR411A is compatible with all 400 Series Lectrosonics wireless transmitters (and some other transmitter types) and can be powered with internal 9V batteries or external DC.

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Lectrosonics UM400A Wireless Transmitter Features

The Lectrosonics UM400 implements the latest Digital Hybrid Wireless technology in a classic Lectrosonics belt-pack transmitter. A 5-pin input jack provides taps for low impedance dynamic mics, electret lavalier mics with positive or negative bias and line level inputs. Input gain is adjustable over a 43 dB range to perfectly match the audio input level for optimum modulation, minimum distortion and maximum signal to noise ratio. Input levels are accurately indicated by two LEDs on the control panel.

Lectrosonics UH400A Wireless Plug-on Transmitter Features

The Lectrosonics UH400A is a digital hybrid synthesized UHF plug-on transmitter compatible with all receivers in the 400, 200 and 100 Series product groups. The DSP-base design allows the transmitter to operate in its native Digital Hybrid Wireless mode, or in several alternate modes that are compatible with analog receivers. A unique multi-voltage phantom power feature allows the transmitter to be used with any microphone, including high current condenser types, expanding its usefulness in high-end applications such as motion picture production.