Invisity 4 IFB Earpiece with Remote and Comtek BST-25/216 Synthesized Base Station Transmitter

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Phonak Invisity 4 IFB Features



Phonak Invisity 4 IFB Features

Phonak Invisity 4 is the smallest in-ear radio receiver in the world. Comfortable to wear and offering market-leading sound quality, this invisible earpiece allows broadcast and stage teams to discreetly prompt any presenter or performer, providing these professionals with a valuable safety net and ensuring that broadcasts and performances always run smoothly.

Phonak invisity 4 is currently used by many of the world's leading broadcasters and entertainers, including Robert Downey Jr., Jerry Lewis, Noel Edmonds, Ryan Seacrest, Katie Couric, Horst Lichter, Dianne Sawyer, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Gordon Ramsay, Robert Irvine and more. invisity was also used in 2009's acclaimed arena production, Ben Hur Live.

This ​Phonak invisity version features 4 programmable channels, again spanning a 7 MHz range. The 4-channel invisity comes bundled with the invisity remote control, which quickly allows a user to flick between its pre-set channels. Frequencies can be reprogrammed using the invisity programming unit (IPU), plus users can also alter the invisity's audio level and other settings.

Comtek BST-25/216 Features

The Comtek BST-25/216 MHz is a professional quality, auxiliary base station transmitter designed to operate with the PR-216 and PR-216 Option 7 synthesized receivers in the newly assigned 216-217 MHz band under Part 95 of the FCC regulations.

The Comtek BST-25/216 MHz transmitter incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce low residual noise, wide dynamic range, and extended frequency response rendering the most natural sound possible from a wireless system.

This transmitter may be used for personal cueing, for tour guide applications, language interpretation, and for assistive listening applications.

  • 57 user-selectable channels in the 216-217 MHz range: 38 standard narrow-band, non-companded channels; 19 high-fidelity narrow-band channels with companded audio processing.
  • Single-window, bright LED display for exact frequency and channel, VU bar graph meter, antenna condition and lock-out indicator.
  • Test tone generator for receiver testing and audio level referencing.
  • Balanced mic or line level with 60 dB of control range to accommodate any audio level.
  • Micro controller automatically sets the modulation deviation, the audio mode for companding processing, and the EQ when corresponding channels are selected.
  • Can be rack mounted for AC or 12 volt DC power and can accommodate a variety of remote antennas.