ARRI Signature Prime 25mm T1.8 Lens

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Lens Set Includes: 18mm25mm, 35mm, 47mm, 75mm, 95mm, 125mm



Lens Set Includes: 18mm25mm, 35mm, 47mm, 75mm, 95mm, 125mm

The ARRI 25mm Signature Prime T1.8 - LPL Mount is designed specifically for use with the ARRI ALEXA LF large format digital cinema camera. While Signature Primes exemplify state-of-the-art optical precision, they have been designed to render organic, emotionally engaging images, gently softening and texturizing the large format with natural skin tones and creamy bokeh. A fast maximum aperture of T1.8 facilitates shallow depth of field and the smooth focus fall-off gives subjects heightened presence in the frame.

ARRI Signature lenses play to the strengths of digital cinema. The immersive look is a combination of warmth and natural detail that is flattering to skin tones, silky-smooth bokeh that enhances depth in every format,and best-in-class highlight and shadow retention. Full of life and character, Signature images are beautiful whatever the format, resolution, and deliverable requirements.
To create the Signatures, which are different from anything we have produced before, we listened to creative professionals and started from scratch. Partnering with an optical manufacturer renowned globally for excellence, we developed entirely new glass with stunning optical characteristics. This allowed us to design the Signature look from the ground up, free from preconceptions.