Panasonic New & Improved AU-EVA1 Handgrip

New & Improved AU-EVA1 Handgrip

Thank you very much for your purchase of the AU-EVA1 digital cinema camera.

Addressing customer concerns, Panasonic has redesigned the rotation mechanism in the removable camera handgrip. As a result of this, we would like to replace all handgrips of the previous design with the new units free of charge.

If you're an AU-EVA1 owner in the United States, please contact Panasonic support at (855) 772-8324 and select Option 2 to be provided with details on the exchange process. Once you've called to confirm you have an affected model, Panasonic will ship a replacement handgrip via FedEx and include a return FedEx shipping label for the original handgrip.

More Details here

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