New EVA 3.0 Firmware for the AU-EVA1 Compact Cinema Camera

Panasonic is proud to announce the new EVA 3.0 firmware update for the AU-EVA1 Compact Cinema Camera. Key Functions include 4K60 10-bit recording, EVA-Live hardwire remove control, and QuickSwitch shortcuts to change settings in seconds. Since it began shipping in October 2017, the AU-EVA1 has now enjoyed seven free firmware updates to add functions and improve usability. Panasonic has additional updates planned for the AU-EVA1 in the future, insuring that it will have a long lifespan and great functionality for years to come.

The EVA 3.0 firmware is now available for free download on the Panasonic website.โ€‹

4K60P 10-Bit
HEVC h.265 codecs
150Mbps up to 4K30p, 200Mbps up to 4K60p
Only requires V30 class SDXC media
Hardwire remote control via USB port (see below)
Control using EVA ROP on iOS and Android devices
Multi-camera control & paint with 3rd party remote panel (see below)
Shortcut to change settings on camera without menus
User Button to LOAD SETUP FILE and VFR on/off
Reset all settings on EVA1 in seconds

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