Talamas becomes confirmed dealer for ARRI Products

For Immediate Release – Talamas becomes confirmed dealer for ARRI products on August 29, 2017

Being confirmed as a dealer for ARRI and providing Arri’s innovative line of lighting products to Talamas customers couldn’t come at a better time, says company founder and President, David Talamas: “We’ve been growing as a lighting house and, as a major rental house for New England, have been utilizing ARRI products for a many years, but we’re delighted that our first year as a dealer coincides with Arri’s 100th anniversary.

Since September 1917, when ARRI was founded in Munich, Germany, by August Arnold and Robert Richter Arri has grown into a global film technology firm and the premier provider of camera and lighting, stabilizer and camera accessories for a huge range of international film, TV, studio, sporting and industrial applications.The sophistication of ARRI’s offerings and breadth of their award-winning products speak to all facets of the film and broadcast industry. And the depth of their lighting offerings – from traditional lighting solutions to cutting edge LED technology such as the M-Series, L-Series, and their hugely successful compact, ultra-bright SkyPanel, have set new standards for the industry.

ARRI is dominating with the Sky Panel, and we wished to increase our rental availability of this product in New England and be able to sell it. But we’ll be selling the whole ARRI lighting line,” Talamas says, adding that while ARRI’s LED products are increasingly popular for their versatility, power and cost savings, the option of providing equally high quality traditional lighting products to those who prefer them is a major benefit to Talamas’ clients.

We’re growing and changing to accommodate the needs of the content production community, ranging from broadcast to web-based and corporate applications,” Talamas says, “and we’re enormously proud of becoming an ARRI dealership. They are an incredibly prestigious firm and this will greatly enhance our ability to serve New England’s cinematography market.”

While Talamas has provided multiple ARRI products for sale and rent to clients for years, the addition of offering the full line of line of LED lighting products from the premier manufacturer in the world dramatically expands their capacity to serve their broad client base.“We’re delighted to provide another point on the map where ARRI is being displayed, utilized, sold and promoted, and to enhance our relationship with ARRI and provide customers with their technologies,” Talamas says




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