Second date added! Don't Move the Camera, Move the Story!

Second date added! Don't Move the Camera, Move the Story!

Thank you for joining us for this event.

Camerawork and lighting are powerful tools in storytelling that change the audience's mood and perception of a scene. In this event, Lisa and Mike will discuss how these elements are used effectively in storytelling in production. Example scenes will be screened and deconstructed visually, explaining not only how those results were achieved, but also why those choices were made with the overall story in mind. Audience members will have an opportunity to set up and shoot a practical scene to apply what they learn right away.

The event will be held at Talamas’ new 1,400-square-foot meeting space at our Newton, MA facility.

About Michael Duca

Michael Duca is a graduate of the New England Institute of Art and began working in the industry at 16. He started working at Talamas as an intern, and is now the lead technician in the video department. He is well respected for his immense technical ability, understanding of workflow, ergonomic gear design and usage, lighting technique, and experience in the field.

About Lisa Sene

Lisa Sene is a steadicam operator who yes, really will run around with that heavy camera strapped to her! Lisa has kept it steady on productions all over the country, and looks forward to the new challenges that come with every project. Her favorite part about being a steadicam op is being able to directly participate in the creative side of production. She holds a BA in Cinematography from Emerson College, and has a strong background in theatrical lighting, both of which contribute to her understanding of visual storytelling.


Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 9:00am to Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 3:00pm
This is a free event

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