Redding Audio Open House with Scott Boland

Scott Boland, President and CEO of Redding Audio, will guide the open house around the following topics:

Cyclone Windshield range - new Small and Medium sizes
New Windshield Kit 416 and Super-Blimp NTG Windshields

Premium Shotgun Microphones

Ambient Recording
New features of the Ambient Lockit ACN Timecode wireless communication
Master Lockit features and it’s forthcoming Sound Devices 6-Series integration

Audio Ltd.
New 1010 Digital Wireless System, Transmitter and Modular Receiver

Cable Techniques
Battery Bud II-USB super-small DC Distro box with USB power
Misc. specialty interconnect cables for Lectro, Sound Devices and Sennheiser

Peter Engh
Omnigoose Miniature 6” gooseneck microphone for Lectrosonics Transmitters

Voice Technologies
Miniature 5-Series and 4-Series Lavalier Microphones
VT506Mobile Lavalier for Smartphones and VT506Video Lavalier for DSLR’s


Redding Audio is an importing and distribution specialist company currently handling the exclusive distribution of seven brands in the professional audio market for the U.S. and Canada. Brands include Rycote Microphone Windshields, Schoeps Microphones, Ambient Recording, Voice Technologies Microphones, Audio Ltd. Wireless, Cable Techniques and Peter Engh Pro Audio. Redding Audio’s owner/operator Scott Boland has been in the pro audio distribution business since 1998. A professional musician since the age of fifteen, Scott immediately got involved with the audio recording process. Further to his CEO duties Scott oversees Redding Audio’s brand management, market development and broad marketing strategies for the seven distributed brands in addition to product development support with each manufacturer.

Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
This is a free event

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