EVA 2.0 Shipping: New Firmware Upgrade for Panasonic AU-EVA1 Offers RAW Output and ALL-Intra Recording Modes

NEWARK, NJ (April 2, 2018) For immediate release - highly anticipated software upgrades to the extremely popular EVA1.  

Panasonic today released a free firmware upgrade for the AU-EVA1 cinema camera that greatly enhances the camera’s recording capabilities, including ALL-Intra frame recording formats, RAW data output, timelapse recording, HD 4:2:2 interlaced formats

and more. These additions expand the camera’s abilities so fundamentally that Panasonic refers to the upgrade as “EVA 2.0.”

Released in late 2017, the EF-mount AU-EVA1 is a 5.7K cinema camera containing a Super-35mm sensor that features 14-stops of dynamic range, Dual Native ISO ratings of 800 and 2500, and the same colorimetry as the renowned VariCam camera system. Due to its small size and

weight, the EVA1 is ideal for gimbal and drone work, as well as handheld shooting.  The free firmware upgrade is now available for download from the Panasonic website at

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