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Arri L7-C light

Remember the days of dragging heavy lights with their cases up 3 flights of stairs and waiting a half hour or so for them to cool down before you can pack them up? Seems not too long ago I would be at a remote location late at night and wanting to go home. It was such a chore to pack up lights and their components. More time was spent cutting gels or replacing bulbs than actually lighting a scene.

We now live in the LED world. You can just dial in a color temperature or select daylight or tungsten depending on what fixture you have. They are light in weight, compact and don't get hot! I think back how much time would have been saved. I would have probably gotten a better GPA, mastered a martial art and learned a new language or two. I am considering throwing away or donating my lighting gloves to a charity or some schlep that still wants to work with hot lights.

Litepanels makes a series of lights that I highly recommend. The 1X1 Bi- Color Litepanel will be your best bud in the field and it could also be your reliable ally in the studio. Whether you have access to power or if you are miles from a power source, these fixtures require minimal power and can run for hours off of a Anton Bauer battery. I also appreciate it's versatility in that you can adjust the LED's to a 5600k color temperature to match daylight or dial down to 3200k that mimics most incandescent fixtures. Not satisfied with either? You can meet in the middle at 4800k.

I also look forward to the Arri L7-C. This is essentially a high powered LED Bi-color Fresnel that is also focus-able. I recently saw a live demo of this fixture and I was impressed by it's power and ability to spot without creating that odd off-putting shadow that a lot of LED studio fresnels cast. This is a large fixture that surprisingly feels light considering the power output. It has a robust design that you will trust is built to last. It also comes standard with theatrical colors so it is useful in studio and theatrical applications. The thing that knocked it out of the park for me is that not can you adjust color temperature but you can also fine tune plus or minus green and magenta! Even the most fickle of gaffers and cinematographers will cancel their order of gels once they see this fixture in action.

It is a very exciting time in lighting and I am glad to be part of it. I am sure if you saw these fixtures you would share my enthusiasm. These are the tools that I would use in my own projects and I am happy that I can offer them to Talamas clients.

-Mark Sacco
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