Audio Internship - Spring 2020

These positions are suspended due to covid 19, we will let you know when they resume in the meantime, stay safe!

Join our team and develop your knowledge by training alongside our skilled technicians and engineers. Interns will be assigned a mentor, and will learn to handle, test, and configure a wide range of our audio and communication equipment.

While working at Talamas, audio interns will learn about the business of a premier video and audio rental house and how it fits into the industry. You will have access to employees who have worked in the industry as front of house, A1s, A2s, audio mixers, boom operators, and freelance live audio technicians. Working with our staff, interns will have a chance to improve their customer service skills and learn how to act professionally with clients.

Audio interns will work alongside our in-house technicians and engineers during their daily operations, assisting with building wireless audio bag packages and rack setups, and will learn more about frequency coordination. In addition, specialized training will be given by experts in our weekly internal tech training program.

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